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Photo lab

Our photo lab offers all the common photo services – photo printing, film development, scanning, photoshop etc. The Masters behind the lab machines have a life-time experience in photography and the quality of the outcome proves it.


For photo printing we use 3 different and powerful machines:


1. Noritsu Green IV drylab - it prints photos with the maximum width of 30 cm (for example 30x45 cm, panorama 30x174 etc). This drylab is a professional quality ink printer that gives the photos very real and beautiful colors. The photos are printed on 250 g Noritsu photo paper and the price level is very reasonable.


2. KIS DKS 1670 chemistry lab - with that we print photos until the size of 20x30 cm. For the best results we use Kodak professional photo paper and chemistry. You can choose between matt or glossy papers.


3. Epson SureLab D700 mini lab - with that we print the photos until the size of 21x30 cm. This machine is a top quality dry lab with the color room wider than usual. You can choose between semi matt or deep matt and if you need something more exclusive, just write us and ask:).


4. Epson SureLab P8000 wide format printer. With that we print all the big photos, photo KAPA-s and photo canvas papers with the maximum width of 111,8 cm. This machine is a top quality printer with a large color room and plenty of half tones as well. From papers you can choose between semi matt or deep matt regularly, from exclusive papers we use Canson Aquarelle. For other papers and ideas, just write us.


5. Noritsu V50 film processor - develops in C41 process both 35 mm and 120 mm middle format negatives.


The digital photos can be order by several ways:

- the easiest and cheapest is to upload the photos by our website

- you can also bring the files to our shopwi- you can use the file sharing program ( or others)


We develop both 35 mm and 120 middle format films by C-41 process, black and white hand development and E-6 slide films development. If you are located far from our shop, you can send your films by post (Itella Smartpost, Omniva or courier) - we develop and/or scan the films, send you the digital files and send you the negatives back by post and you can pay by bank transfer. For that just inform us to: 


We scan the films (either in roll or cutted films or by 1 cadre), the photos, documents etc. All reproduced photos will be printed by Epson SL D700 printer to have the best results. 


You can see all the materials and samples in our shop Rävala pst. 8. Please see the pricelist here:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.