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Official/portrait photos

In our portrait studio you can order official photos (for passport, id-card, retirement card, visas, working cards, student cards etc.) and portrait photos. Official photos match the requirements of different departments like police, visa departments etc. Official photos are ready in 10-15 minutes. Official photos can be order either in paper or digital Dversion (to the e-mail, usb-stick etc). 


The prices of the main services are the following:


- Estonian official photo in paper (4 photos in 1 paper)and/or digital                     13,50.-EUR

- Non-standard official photo (different visas and passports, baby photo etc)       15,50.-EUR

- Official paper photo additional list                                                                                   5,00.-EUR

- Official photo from client`s file                                                                                 from 8,50.-EUR



Portrait photos:



- Portrait photo 10x15 cm                                                     18,50.-EUR

- Portrait photo 15x20 cm                                                    21,00.-EUR

- Portrait photo 20x30 cm                                                   26,00.-EUR


Portrait photos will be chosen amongst the cadres taken, then the photos will be photoshopped, printed and saved to the digital media or e-mail. The files will be held 6 months.